GDPR 2019

Data Protection Policy Statement

Ballybofey United FC MONDAY, 26 JUNE 2019

Ballybofey United  FC is a data controller as is defined by the Data Protection Acts and endeavours to:

. Comply with the Data Protection Acts and best practice.

. Comply with General Data Protection Regulation and ePrivacy requirements.

.Comply with the principle of data protection

.Protect the privacy rights of individuals whose data we process.

.Ensure that personal data in the possession of Ballybofey United  is kept safe and secure

.Support staff and volunteers to meet their legal obligations as set out under the principles of data protection

.Respect individual rights, regardless of who they are

.Implement best practice or instructional notices from the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner

.Provide awareness, adequate training and support for staff and volunteers that process personal data.

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