Parents Code of                                       Conduct

Code of conduct - Expectations for Parents


Ballybofey United fc is fully committed to safeguarding and promoting the wellbeing of all its members. The club believes that it is important that members, coaches, administrators and parents/guardians associated with the club should, at all times, show respect and understanding for the safety and welfare of others. Therefore, parents/guardians and members are encouraged to be open at all times and to share any concerns or complaints that they may have about any aspect of the club with Sophia Long (Childwelfare officer) Derek Roulston (Club Chairman).


Sports clubs for young people should offer a positive experience where they can learn new things in a safe and positive environment.



Thanks for supporting your child’s involvement in our                                            club.


We want to help you continue supporting your child to reach their full potential and enjoy their time at our club, therefore please:

• Think about what your child wants to get out of the sport

• Understand what your child is trying to achieve and whatsupport they need to achieve it

• Be the best role model you can be to help your child enjoy their sporting experience?

• Focus on your child’s development and enjoyment


As a parent/carer of a youth member of Ballybofey United Fc, you are expected to abide by the following guidelines:



                             Parents/guardians are expected to:


  • Positively reinforce their child/young person and show an interest in their chosen activity. Support your child's involvement and help them to enjoy their sport.
  • Do not place their young person under pressure or push them into activities they do not want to do.
  • Complete and return the Health and Consent Form pertaining to their child's participation with Ballybofey United FC (see junior membership form). 
  • Deliver and collect the child punctually to and from coaching sessions/matches.
  • Ensure their child is properly and adequately attired for the weather conditions of the time, including shorts, shirt, socks, tracksuit, sweat-tops, hat, gloves, water bottles, sun cream etc. (insert sports specific requirements)
  • Ensure that proper footwear and protective equipment are worn at ALL times in accordance with Health and Safety Regulations.  Any child not in possession of the fundamental requirements will not be permitted to participate.
  • Detail any health concerns pertaining to the child on the consent form, in particular breathing or chest conditions. Any changes in the state of the child's health should be reported to the coach prior to coaching sessions.
  • To inform the coach prior to departure from the field of play if child is to be collected early from a coaching session.
  • Encourage their child to play by the rules and teach them that they can only do their best. Help your child to recognise good performance, not just results.
  • Set a good example by recognising fair play and applauding good performances of all.
  • Behave responsibly on the side-lines; do not embarrass your child.
  • Never punish or belittle a child for losing or making mistakes.
  • Use correct and proper language at all times.
  • Encourage and guide performers to accept responsibility for their own performance and behaviour.
  • Show appreciation and support the coach.
  • Ensure their child is punctual.
  • Be realistic and supportive.
  • Provide their child with proper clothing and equipment.
  • Ensure their child’s hygiene and nutritional needs are met.
  • Accept the official’s judgement.
  • Acknowledge the importance and role of the club coaches who provide their time free to ensure children’s participation in the club.
  • Promote their child’s participation in playing sport for fun.


          Parents/Guardians have the right to:


  • Know their child is safe.
  • Be informed of problems or concerns relating to their children.
  • Be informed if their child is injured.
  • Have their consent sought for issues such as trips.
  • Contribute to decisions within the club.
  • Complain if they have concerns about the standard of coaching.


Any misdemeanours and breach of this Code of Conduct will be dealt with immediately by a Ballybofey United Fc official.  Persistent concerns or breaches will result in the parent/guardian being asked not to attend games if their attendance is detrimental to the child’s welfare.


The ultimate action should a parent/guardian continue to breach the code of behaviour may mean the Ballybofey united FC officials regrettably asking the child to leave the club.





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Thanks again this club could not survive                      without the support of parents


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